The Art of Homeopathy

Jude Wills

The Therapeutic Encounter

See through masks, hear beyond words.

Hold the other in unconditional love and acceptance.

Looking at the invisible side of homeopathy, Jude Wills invites us to look at the origin of the vital force, potentise our presence and examine the mutuality of the healing dynamic.

A one-day Gathering held in the home of Helen Campbell, Ravelston Dykes, Edinburgh.

Saturday 25th May 10 - 4.

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Who are You in the Therapeutic Encounter?

You are invited to join with other homoeopaths and students as  we explore the invisible side of Homoeopathy. Going beyond the limitations we set forourselves, we step into true holism by uniting the left and right sides of our brains becoming a richer, deeper, more potentised Presence for the Other.

Working with Wisdom, Awareness, Intuition, Instinct and Trust in the Universal Energetic Matrix we aim to extend our awareness of the origin of the Vital Force and how that affects our practice.

Connecting more deeply with clients through choosing to work consciously, we open to a deep receptivity with the other: thus realising the mutuality of healing in this dynamic yet practical model. We aso explore how our limitations restrict the efficacy of the healing dynamic for the other.

About Jude Wills

Jude has been a Homoeopath for many decades; she has taught and tutored in various schools and colleges.

Being ordained as a Minister over twenty years ago she merges her understanding of health and healing with the world of spirituality.

This culminated in her book "The Mystic-Healer" in 2018.

She runs the "Presence in Practice" course and holds regular retreats centred around Contemplative Living.


1000 - 1130  then a break

1200 - 1330 then time for lunch

1430 - 1600  Close

Open to individuals studying to become professional homoeopaths, and to those already in practice.

Numbers will be limited to 20.

The venue's exact address will be sent after your booking is confirmed.

If, having booked, you find you cannot come, PLEASE let us know so someone else can take your place!

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