Friends of SAPH

Aim of this 'Friends' level of membership:

“To encourage patients and professionals who are not Student members, Associate members or Full members to support, learn about and enjoy homoeopathy and the aims and objectives of SAPH.”

Terms of membership as a Friend of SAPH:

1. Anyone beneficially inclined to SAPH and its objectives may apply to become a Friend of SAPH.

2. Benefits: Friends of SAPH may attend SAPH training, SAPH Continuing Professional Development, SAPH talks and lectures at discounted rates.

3. Friends may be members of other professional organisations (homoeopathic or otherwise), or not.

4. Applications for Friends membership shall be made in the method designated by the SAPH Council from time to time.

5. The SAPH Council has the right to admit or refuse (without giving a reason) membership for Friends.

6. Termination of Friends’ membership. Friends’ status is a privilege and may be withdrawn if the Friend is deemed to be bringing SAPH, its Council, its members or homoeopathy in general or in Scotland into disrepute.

7. If membership as a Friend of SAPH is refused or terminated, the Council is not obliged to give reasons for its decision.

8. Joining fee: the full annual subscription applicable to a Friend of SAPH shall be the joining fee, no matter at what point in the year the application is made, and it must be received before the application will be considered. If accepted, no further annual subscription as a Friend will be payable by that individual for that year.

9. The annual subscription for Friends of SAPH shall decided by the Council annually and approved by the members in AGM.

10. Annual subscriptions of Friends shall be payable within 2 months of the beginning of the SAPH subscription year or on application if later. If unpaid, privileges as a Friend shall be withdrawn until paid, and there shall be no reduction in the amount due on account of late payment.

11. There shall be no return of a Friend’s joining fee or subscription once paid.

12. No use of designatory letters: Friends may not use letters after their names designating any form of professional membership of SAPH.

13. Friends neither have nor may they claim any professional or voting rights of SAPH membership.

14. Being accepted as a Friend of SAPH denotes no confirmation or approval by the SAPH Council of the individual’s ability to practise homoeopathy.

15. Attending Council and AGMs. Friends of SAPH may not attend Council and Annual General Meetings of SAPH unless the Council invites them. At such meetings as they may attend, they may speak if invited, but not vote.

16. Co-option. A Friend may be co-opted to the Council to represent and speak for the interests of Friends and patients. Such a co-opted Friend may be delegated tasks similar to those performed by other members of the Council.

17. The Council may make exceptions to these rules.

SUBSCRIPTION - click here for current subscription rate for Friend sof SAPH. click here for the current subscription rate for Friends of SAPH.

TO APPLY for Friends membership of SAPH, please complete the application form, and send it with the correct subscription (payable to Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths) to our Registrar.