SAPH Registration

The SAPH registration process (ie for full practising membership of the Scottish Association of Professional Homoeopaths, with the right to use the initials RSAPH) aims to assess the prospective member as to professional standards and ethical practice and to support ongoing development of practice.

There are four parts to the process, and an ongoing requirement, see below:

1. Payment of the Registration Fee, to be sent with completed application forms.

Get your application form from our Registrar - for details, click here.

2. Educational Standards

Educational standards are not accredited by SAPH at present, so each prospective member is investigated individually.

As a guide, he or she is expected:

  • to have attended successfully at least 4 years of professional training including thorough clinical practice and
  • to have presented 10 cases for assessment during training (it may be possible to present cases to a panel elected by SAPH) or ...
  • alternatively, the prospective member is expected to have been in professional practice for 7 - 10 years prior to application.

The applicant must pay the SAPH Registration application fee before the registration process begins.

3. Clinical Audit

The prospective member is expected to have studied UK National Occupation Standards and to have in place the following:

  • Information for patients regarding the interview and treatment to be included in a practice leaflet and instruction to receptionist
  • Clear procedures to enable patient access, support and review of treatment
  • Locum facilities whenever absent from practice
  • Security and confidentiality regarding patients' notes
  • Information on an executor with access to patients' notes in case of accident or death of practitioner - to be registered with SAPH
  • Health and Safety measures as defined in SAPH Green Paper 1 to be implemented in the practice
  • Awareness of ASA Guidelines
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (for example, click here)

4. Peer Group Supervision

During the registration  procedure the prospective member will be required to attend up to 4 days in the first year when on each occasion he or she may be asked to present at least one aspect of his or her work.

This may be a case, an ethical issue, a question of philosophy or Materia Medica that has arisen in practice, etc.

Each is encouraged to participate in non-judgemental feedback and sharing. Please note that members of this Assocation are expected to practise what is loosely described as 'Classical Homoeopathy'.

Re Ongoing Professional Development

A portfolio should be maintained (a model template for this is provided by SAPH) and updated yearly which should be lodged with the Registrar on 1st January each year.

There are certain minimum standards of ongoing professional development which are set out on the form. For people applying for full, practising membership, demonstration of an existing and ongoing CPD programme is viewed positively.

Annual Subscription for newly registered members

Note. In addition to the Registration fee, an annual subscription is payable on 1st January each year.

If the applicant is elected to SAPH membership after the commencement of the year, the annual subscription due for that first year of membership is calculated on a pro-rata basis, taking each month or part thereof outstanding until the year-end as a proportion of a whole year. If, for example, an applicant's membership begins on 1st April, 9 full months remain during that year, so the annual subscription for that year will be 9/12 or 75% of the annual subscription.

Re-application to Registration process

Re-application: if someone fails the application procedure the reasons are explained and they are encouraged, in most cases, to re-apply later when the Registration fee will be payable again.

Applicants should apply to the SAPH Registrar.