Five Spooky Facts About Homeopathy
Caroline Greene RSAPH

Five spooky facts about homeopathy?!

Homeopathy is the second-most used medicine in the world but suffers greatly at the hands of trolls 👹 because it does take a bit of mental elasticity to comprehend how something you can’t even see under a microscope could possibly make a difference.  Nano and quantum scientists are getting close to understanding it but until we have the machinery to see how energetic medicine works it remains a little bit magic.

Here are some of the spookier things I have discovered since becoming a homeopath.

Five Spooky Facts: No.1.         Mirroring

Our cell walls have a boundary, beyond the cell we have a visible boundary such as the skin between the inside of us and the rest of the world.  Beyond the boundary of our skin are mental boundaries - lines which control our behaviour.  At each stage it is when these boundaries are breached problems occur - for instance tiny grains of pollen entering our respiratory tract can trigger an allergic response, or someone upsetting us can trigger tears. 

One of our five spooky facts about homeopathy is that many homeopaths notice is mirroring - when they physically experience the pain of their patients: for instance - if someone is describing a headache, the listener can experience a shadow of this, feeling distinct but usually not as painful, stabbing pain in the same part of their head.  This is caused when the energetic boundary between the practitioner and patient are breached.  When you sit with someone and really listen to them, deep empathy can lead to these breaches. 

If a practitioner gets very involved in a case they can start producing the symptoms of the patient.

In training we are taught to recognise these symptoms as other than us.  Once the sensation is acknowledged it passes almost immediately.

Spooky facts about homeopathy: No.2.         Phantom Pains

People who have had a part of their body removed can often experience “phantom pains”.  This happens when they feel a strong sensation where the limb or organ used to be. 

Homeopathy has been used for years to help with this - for instance Allium Cepa is a remedy often used to help itching in a foot or arm that is not there any more. So there's another of our five spooky facts about homeopathy!

Facts about Homeopathy: No.3.         Muscle Memory

When we experience trauma there is a chain of reaction through the body.  Adrenaline - the fight or flight hormone is released causing unnecessary actions in the body to halt, evacuating the digestive tract to save energy and sending increased energy to the muscles to help us escape danger.  Our senses are heightened and thinking reduced so we become more instinctive.  

Our bodies hang on to a memory of what triggered the trauma to help us avoid it or react quicker in the future.

These triggers can become debilitating, so we try and put the trauma out of our head.  However. our clever muscles continue to hang on to a memory of the event so unless work is done, which involves the physical body, the trigger remains stored away.  

We bury the problem deep over the years - in different parts of the body for different traumas which means certain symptoms can indicate the possibility of buried trauma.  Issues with the lungs which come about around a certain time - it often transpires if we dig a little deeper, someone significant died or left at that time.  Issues with unshed tears can result in excessive sweating - where the body is trying to release the water in another way.  Persistent problems in the reproductive organs can point to abuse.  Our bodies have a way of highlighting where they need to be healed.

Spooky Homeopathy! Fact No.4.         Invisible 👀?

Is anything spookier than using a substance so diluted no trace of it is visible - even under a microscope?

Happily the clever folk at CERN in Switzerland have tested homeopathic remedies in the hydrogen collider and discovered there is a “signature” of the remedy which is repeated at certain dilutions.  It would appear the water in which the remedy is made carries an imprint of the original substance.  Given our body’s cells are mostly water it seems this imprint is ‘echoed’ across to us when we take the remedy. (We'll add the exact link when available._

Fact No.5.         Poisonous 🍄🕷🐍☠

Hahnemann, the father of homoeopathy noticed how our bodies respond in a specific way to different poisons.  Even when the amount is so slight it is barely there, it still triggers the same specific counter-reaction.

A large number of homeopathic remedies are made from poisonous substances.  Patients often look horrified when handed some deadly nightshade, strychnine, snake or spider venom.  However, because it is very very diluted no actual poison remains, just a memory of what it can do. 

When we take this substance in its diluted form the body sets about fixing you as if you had been poisoned with the original toxin.  

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